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Submit a Site

New Rule - Submitted Sites Must Contain Marijuana Related Content. If you wish to submit a non-marijuana related site submit it to yahoo, google, AltaVista or some other straight search engine and not this one as you waste my time and your own. 

When submitting do not use a description for your site title, A site title is not keywords or a mini description it is the name of your site or company and not a sentence, it should be very short like a couple of words max.

To submit a site you must send this information. 

1.) Title of Site - (It must match the actual title of your site when I go and check out your site or I will change it to the real title.)
2.) Brief Description - must no more than 25 words or it will be shortened by me.
3.) Url of your Site - Main page of site not just a page from a site.
4.) Category you would like to be listed in. (Note the site has to be in the closest category that it matches or it will end up on the miscellaneous page.)


There are a couple of directories that are not submittable to like the Drug Test category as it is just product links and no sites, the Pictures 1 / Pictures 2 pages.

Submission Rules

Do not submit your link in html form. With the viruses out there nowadays I will not open any E-mail submitted in html form only text submissions otherwise it will be deleted without being read.

Anyone trying to just send a url or expecting me to do a write up of their site will not get a reply or listed. Anyone who submits multiple sites that are all the same or forward to a single site will not get listed. Anyone who can't follow these simples rules will not get listed.

Anyone trying to submit every page in their site will automatically get all their links deleted for bogging the site down.


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A link back is not required but would be appreciated. A link back for banner exchanges is required and you should refer to the information on the link to us page of the site for more information.


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